How can Startups Communities Contribute to your Success ?

French Tech Beijing introduces its event program for 2021 and its new board members
Announcing the French Tech Beijing program for 2021 was also an opportunity to introduce the newly elected board members.
French Tech Beijing program for 2021 announced during the event « How can start-ups communities contribute to your success? »
The new team chaired by Jean Dominique Seval is made up of Helena Javitte (Vice President), Pascal Gentil (Vice President), Karim Berrada (Treasurer) and Alexandre Boulenger (General Secretary).”French Tech, whose mission is to promote the best of the French Tech scene in the world, must be present and active in the capital of a China that never ceases to amaze by the vigor of its innovation”, suggested Jean Dominique Séval.Events in line with the values of La French Tech will be offered throughout the year to the Beijing Tech community in order to discuss and share around the key themes for the year ahead (Fintech, IoT, Sport Tech, Cloud, Mobility, etc.) and entrepreneurship best practices (mentoring, funding, etc.).

 The French Tech Beijing program for 2021, presented on February 2, 2021.
“This year we are offering our community the opportunity to participate in friendly meet-ups to exchange with insiders, French talents who work in Chinese tech companies”, mentioned Helena Javitte. Company visits and conferences organized with partners of La French Tech in Beijing (Business France, CCI France China, The Global Mobile Internet Conference, etc.) are also lined up for 2021.The highlight of the year will be the first edition of “Next Tech China”, co-organized by the three French Tech communities of Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen / Hong Kong. A week of exchange and discoveries between the most promising French startups (FT120) and Chinese decision-makers.Pascal Gentil added that “in Beijing, we want to create and animate a tech community that brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, large corporates, investors, universities and government agencies around shared projects.”

The new board of La French Tech Beijing also met with innovation and R&D directors of large French corporates present in China to introduce its program for 2021. Organized by the French Embassy in China with the support of the France Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China, the gathering was an opportunity to bring La French Tech closer to the French R&D community in Beijing, and to lay the foundations for future cooperation.

La French Tech Beijing meets the Club R&D at their annual dinner on February 4,2021.
Led by Didier Guy, international expert in charge of technological innovation within the higher education, research and innovation pole of the French Embassy, the Club R&D brings together French entities present in China (companies, universities, institutions) for exchange on topics related to R&D and innovation.
La “French Tech”: This is the French startup movement. A unique ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, decision-makers and community builders. Its mission aims to make France one of the most attractive countries in the world for entrepreneurs who want to get started, conquer international markets and build a meaningful future.