Interview BFM TV: Jean Dominique Seval

Interview Summary: Nil Larom, Oct 2022


La FrenchTech Beijing is interviewed on BFM TV: French Startups with strong differentiation still find ways to enter the Chinese market despite restrictions


Jean Dominique Seval, former president at La FrenchTech Beijing, was recently interviewed on France’s BFM TV on the Chine Eco program, which is focused on doing business in China. Jean-Dominique provided insight into the current state of shifting economic trends and a Zero-Covid Policy, where certain well-positioned French startups can still cultivate new opportunities in China.

When startups have a strong identity or a unique technological solution, they are more likely to succeed and thus can choose to tackle this market’s entry challenges. With travel restrictions, the expansion model has shifted from French people going to China and opening an office, to either hiring a Chinese team in France or finding locals to start operating within China.

Here are the three startups mentioned in this interview:

EatWith: a platform to find unique dining experiences hosted in cool locations all around the world by professional chefs and home chefs. Operates through B2B partnership model for example with luxury companies in Beijing and Shanghai..

Trust in Soft: very specialized debugging technique developed by through high-level mathematical know-how; they have already started selling to large technology groups in China. Their solution is unique in the debugging segment, meaning they will encounter fewer hurdles in approaching their clients.

MWM: the world leader in creative applications, a highly visible startup with a global footprint; they recently announced their intention to increase the percentage of their China-based revenue from 1% to over 30%.


Here is the link to watch the whole interview for free :