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NextTech Asia is one of the Community Fund initiatives sponsored by the French Government and initiated by French Tech Singapore. It is a unique program designed by all French Tech entities in Asia. It is an initiative by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.


It bridges and scales French and Asian Tech4Good ecosystems to link: French Startups and Asian Partners (Investors, Corporates, Decision-Makers & Ecosystem Builders), through a series of events over ONE YEAR .


Its goal is threefold :

  • Creation of an event brand shared by French Tech hubs across Asia.
  • Prove that cooperation between these hubs has a positive impact in the tech startup community.
  • Connect the tech ecosystems in Asia and France across different verticals.


This project helps the hubs better serve their communities, bringing value offered by hubs in other countries: content, events, and competitions (both online and offline).


Next Tech Asia focuses mainly on Tech4Good verticals: Blockchain, AgriTech, FoodTech, DeepTech, and Cyber Security. 

This focus aims at helping French startups working in any of these fields enter the Asian market.


Previous Events:



Web 1.0 and 2.0 happened in plain sight, many missed the opportunities this transformation presented. Web 3.0 will redefine communication, information sharing and commerce. Touching areas such as Education, Supply Chain, FinTech, and Cyber Security, the emerging Blockchain technology will play a key role in this transformation.


In several Asian countries, Blockchain versatility is consolidated by favorable regulatory environment. Countries like Singapore, South Korea and Japan are embracing Blockchain technologies at a faster pace than the US or most countries in Europe.


In 2022, NextTech Asia’s Blockchain arm aims to help French companies gather information about opportunities in the Asian blockchain market, understand each country’s specific regulations, and raise funds for their businesses.




Agritech / Foodtech

Agricultural technology (AgriTech) and food science technology (FoodTech) contribute to the food development process, from farm to plate. The AgriTech and FoodTech industries strive to enhance seeds and crops, improve diet and provide functional foods for better health. With the global population expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, developing tools to reach the growing population’s needs is a must.


Asia is home to 350 million smallholder farmers producing more than 19% of food production. By contrast, its population counts 40% overweight and 12% undernourished. The impact of climate change on food production and increase in food waste make our current food systems not sustainable enough to feed safely our increasing global population.


The AgriFood branch of NextTech Asia helps French startups capture business opportunities in Asia and grants the Asian AgriFood ecosystem access to the most cutting-edge sustainable innovations from France.





All major Asian economies are investing heavily in the creation of new opportunities centered on AI in order to increase their competitive advantage over the rest of the world. They include sectors such as financial services, healthcare market, transportation, and media. China leads the world in annual R&D spending with nearly $275 billion, compared to roughly $131 billion by US federal R&D spending. The West will soon not be able to catch up with Asian AI development.


With events such as NextUp: Singapore 2022, NextTech Asia encourages French startups addressing major DeepTech challenges to land in Asian markets using Singapore as a trampoline.




Cyber Security

The arrival of Covid 19 has accelerated the digital revolution across industries and consumer segments in Asia. Most businesses, both large and small, have an online presence nowadays. The internet economy in this region is expected to reach over $300 billion by 2025.


It is not surprising that Asia was the most targeted region for cyber attacks last year, accounting for one in four assaults launched worldwide. Financial services and manufacturing sectors bore the brunt of these attacks, taking on almost 60% of cybersecurity incidents. Naturally, the Demand for cyber security has sharply increased.


Being conscious of this major issue, NextTech Asia aims at connecting French businesses with solid CyberTech solutions and trying to enter the Asian market with entrepreneurs who are aware and want to protect their businesses. 




More events are coming!

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Credits: Jesua Epequin (text), Hugo Menzer (editor), Alex Goncalves digital-space.cn (illustration).