Saas B2B Market in China – June 10th

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On Friday 10th of June, French Tech Beijing will be moderating a panel to discuss the characteristics of B2B SaaS in China during the 10th edition of the yearly event organized by B2B Rocks.


B2B Rocks

B2B Rocks is the #1 SaaS community!
B2B Rocks provides SaaS leaders with direct access to the people and ideas shaping the industry giving international entrepreneurs real insights into how to grow their business. 2022’s B2B Rocks event will be held June 9, 10 and 11 in Montpellier, France. It will bring together 1000 entrepreneurs, investors, and executives with international speakers from around the world and will focus on international growth.The goal of this tenth edition, supported by La French Tech, will benefit from live simulcast contributions from the world’s five continents. “Europe’s tech scene has never been healthier. Still, we can say the same thing about India, Australia, Africa, and China,” says Colin Lalouette, B2B Rocks’ president.Along with the hubs in San Francisco, Australia, Abidjan, Beyrouth, Tel Aviv and Sao Paulo, French Tech Beijing will be one of the 10 French Tech hubs abroad  sharing insights about the characteristics of the local ecosystem.For a complete look at the event, go visit their website: www.b2brocks.co



SaaS market in China

Compared to traditional softwares that are usually purchased once and with servers on premises, Software as a Service are paid on a subscription basis, are deployed on the cloud and are a highly scalable product thanks to their standardization. Think about Salesforce, Slack or Dropbox.

Source: Gartner, by Accuracy

Chinese SaaS market started about 5 years later than the West. In 2020, China SaaS market value represented only 1,8% of global SaaS market but the industry has shown a faster growth rate and is expected to catch up in the coming 5 to 10 years.This can be explained by 3 factors:Chinese companies usually have unstandardized management processes which requires a stronger need for customized products rather than fit-for-all ones.Given lower labor costs, many companies are ready to pay for more manpower instead of investing in softwares.Data safety still remains a concern for SOEs who would prefer having their server on site rather than on the cloud.

Source: Gartner, by Accuracy

But since 2015, SaaS in China has been well recognized and gained strong interest from investors thanks to an improved  technological maturity (incl. cloud computing) and an increasing demand for digitalization. Cloud computing for instance is one of strategic new industries at the national level. Since 2009, it has been supported by national policies such as “Enterprise in clouds” (企业上云) or “Electronic government process” (电子政务) to encourage companies to adopt cloud-based servers which is one of the external drivers explaining why e-commerce giants such as Tencent and Alibaba have been so aggressively developing their cloud infrastructures to handle high traffic of users.  Since 2020, a series of policies have been focusing on the digitalisation and cloudification of SME .


Our Speakers

Florian Boyrivent

Orange Business ServicesBusiness development managerOBS supports companies through their digital transformation thanks to their dual expertise as a network operator and a digital services integrator: they create and operate complex infrastructures and design and manage digital services. Solutions address establishing digital workspaces, improving customer experience, facilitating the rise of Industry 4.0, collecting and processing data, and transforming and safeguarding network infrastructures.

Oskar Ablimit

Tencent Cloud EuropeSenior strategy sales managerTencent Cloud focuses on helping global enterprises  succeed in China. It is leveraging its rich digital ecosystem that includes China’s top social, messaging, mobile payment, gaming, digital literature, musci streaming and video platforms.





Romain resse

Gamifly ChinaGeneral managerGamifly is a French company that develops solutions to gamify broadcasts and events by integrating interactive modules and engage the audience to monetize the moment.



Helena Javitte

French Tech Beijing, PresidentAccuracy, Manager




Jean-Dominique Séval

French Tech Beijing, Member of the boardSoon Consulting, Founding director