Why French Tech Beijing?

Helping you build your Network & Inspiring the Beijing Tech Scene.
La FrenchTech Beijing is where newcomers and entrepreneurs can find a forum to share their experiences & knowledge.

Our Values

We are an open community, diverse and inclusive, and welcome every voice in the room: founders, start-up employees, investors, tech enthusiasts, academics who believe in sharing, giving back and inspiring others as a way of changing the world.

FTB 2023

“La French Tech, whose mission is to promote the best of the French Tech scene in the world, must be present and active in the capital of a China which never ceases to amaze with the vigor of its innovation” – Jean Dominique Séval

Nil Larom

President 2023

IBM China, Customer Success Strategy Lead

Helena Javitte

President (Exiting)

Events Innovation Manager, Accuracy

Dragos Cacio

Vice President

Crelong.com, Sr Digital Manager

Jesua Epequin

Secretary General & AI Expert



Bosch Rexroth (Beijing) Hydraulic Co. Ltd.

Sully Crevecoeur

VP Partners Energy Expert

Severine Charmant

VP Tech Aeronautics Expert

Hugo Menzer

VP Event Partners

Alexandre Goncalves

Webmaster & Design

Didier Guy

Advisor & Technology Counselor

Louis Ouvry

Advisor Liaison SER



Facilitate Franco-Chinese exchanges in the fields of technology and innovation

  • Connect with local startups and scale-ups through events and networking session.
  • Learn about the failures and successes of insiders at tech giants emerging startups.
  • Get access to all the information and contacts you need to explore opportunities and develop your tech endeavors, all in one place.
  • Get your message heard by diverse ecosystem participants, loud and clear.
  • Governmental Partners
  • Community Partners
  • Sponsors